• Data quality

    Over 15M data updated every month

    Our priority is to maintain the highest level of quality. The data we have available is standardized, checked, undergoes reliability enhancement, is cleaned and enriched (contact details, statistical data, geographical data, etc.) every day before being integrated and made available to our SME and Major clients.

  • Technological ecosystem/Machine learning/AI

    Over 100M items of data crawled

    Thanks to the use of cutting edge technology to capture unstructured data from Web sites, social media, press articles, etc. alongside technology that guarantees hitherto unseen response times, and the robustness to all our solutions (for example Hadoop, Elastic Search, Nutch, Scala,etc.), IDAIA Group combines and masters statistical processing, machine learning, predictive modeling, similarity scoring, artificial intelligence and Natural Language Processing (NLP).

  • Business experts

    10 data scientists, data analysts

    We calculate, check, and feed our BtoB/BtoC assets using exclusive information (market insights, web profiles, life and intentionist movements, navigation data, etc.).

  • Partner ecosystems

    Over 30 data partners

    For the past 30 years, IDAIA Group has built a network of public (open data, official journals, etc.) and private (major retailers, e-commerce, media, specialized press, data providers, independent private publishers, etc.) partners to update its BtoB/BtoC assets.

  • GDPR compliance

    1 Data Protection Officer

    The IDAIA Group, which is a member of the SNCD (national data marketing syndicate), applies a code of conduct specific to Data businesses and has 30 years of experience to meet the needs of its clients. We are permanently mobilized on the compliance of all data processing we carry out with applicable legislation. Our motivation and operational teams develop offers and technology in line with legal department recommendations.

A mass of BtoB and BtoC French data at your disposal



  • 11 720 000 Postal addresses
  • 2 500 000 emails
  • 4 100 000 Land lines
  • 1 400 000 Cell phones
  • 10 000 000 Failure scores
  • Official and/or private qualified data sources
  • 1 billion web pages crawled by our Big Data cell


  • 44 000 000
  • 22 000 000
  • 24 000 000
  • 26 000 000
  • Habitat and riches specialist
  • 100 reliable selection criteria
  • Sources from our partner program

30 years of data and technology know-how

Creation of the company - BtoB data asset
Know-how extended to BtoC data
Pioneer on the market - development of the 1st API offer (Company) using the Soap protocol
4 new APIs (RNVP, phone enrichment, reverse directory, geocoding)
1 new API (email)
Development of new JS technology
Redevelopment of all the APIs using new Rest technology

Open APIs created for developers